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Private JSC «Elektrodvyhun (Electrical Motors)»

Private Joint-Stock Company «Elektrodvyhun» (electrical motors), an open joint stock company, puts out electrical motors of alternating current asynchronized with squirrel cage rotors designed for general purpose of 30-2500 W applied in household (drive for concrete mixers, juice extractor, kitchen combine, activator for washing machines, in particular, for drum type washing machines, household electrical sharper, root cutter, grain grinder, centrifuge, pumps, lawns using motors with integrated brake and etc.).

The range of effective power of the electrical motors varies from 0.03 to 2,2 kW while the synchronized rotation frequency is 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm.

Electric engines collage

The electrical motors are designed for three-phase voltage supply 220/380V and single phase voltage supply 220 V.

We are in possession to produce motors for some other unconventional voltage feeding, for instance, 3-phase - 127/220 V, 440/660 V and 1-phase: 42 V , 36 V.

The single phase electrical machines are fitted by starting condensers.

For mounting-connecting dimensions «IM» an electrical motor complies with the standards GOST 2479, while in regard of level of protection «IP» it complies with the GOST 17494, and respectively for cooling method «IC» the standards GOST 20459 is applicable.

The engine motors are duly certified by the Certificate of Compliance n. UA 1.007.0078620-09 issued by the State committee of Ukraine for technical regulations and consumer policy «State system of certification «UkrCEPRO».

The electrical motors comply with the standards GOST 28330-89Б, GOST 12.2.007-75, GOST 12.1.004-91, GOST 16264.0-85, GOST 16264.1-85.

Pursuant to the GOST 183-85 the motor isolation class is «F».

Materials and components for the above production is used to be delivered by the major domestic and foreign producers which as to the quality and safety are in line with the EU requirements what is testified by a share of export - 80% of the overall produced products.

The plant has the equipment fit for manufacturing of the car electrical harnesses.

The innovations are widely applied in company management, quality control and technology.

The available machinery makes it possible to manufacture products of top complexity for domestic and foreign needs: carbide forms, high pressure casting aluminum moulds, plastic casting mouldsand etc.