Warranty and quality

Materials and components for the above production is used to be delivered by the major domestic and foreign producers which as to the quality and safety are in line with the EU requirements.

Customized motors

There is possibility to produce motors for some other unconventional voltage feeding, for instance, 3-phase - 127/220 V, 440/660 V and 1-phase: 42 V , 36 V.

Wide range

The range of effective power of electrical motors varies from 0.03 to 2,2 kW while the synchronized rotation frequency is 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm and are designed for three-phase voltage supply 220/380V and single phase voltage supply 220 V.

Rotation solutions that can change our world.

Our production was founded in 1979. Our motors are designed for various purposes, the performance of which always meets their application.

Our team consists of qualified staff, vigorous and ambitious: each participant knows its own role in the company - this is the maximum devotion, and our mission is to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is not just to sell our products, but offer something else too, and it's that distinguishes us from others.

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Check out the models.

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